About us

NMS is a recognized cGMP leader in contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals.  We develop, manufacture and package a wide range of options for your dietary supplement needs.

We differentiate ourselves from other manufactures in many ways. Quality Assurance is integrated throughout every production phase as our commitment to superior quality. We promote open communication through supplier-customer partnerships with qualified vendors, strategic global networks and commitments for competitive pricing on raw materials. This openness allows our customers to be first to market with innovative ingredients and firsthand knowledge of current data such as clinical studies and market trends.

Our Capabilities:

• Solid and Liquid formulation development

• Encapsulation – two-piece gelatin, vegetarian

• Tablets and Chewable – various shapes and sizes

• Fast oral disintegrating tablet formulations

• Dry blend formulations

• Liquid formulas

• Cream and Lotion formulas

• Softgels


Analytical Capabilities

• In-house lab and Chemist on staff

• Disintegration and Friability testing

• Identity Testing (FTIR)

• Thin Layer Chromotagraphy (TLC)


• Process optimization

• Purity Testing

• Microbial Testing

  • ATP Screening
    • pH Determination