Welcome to Nutritional Manufacturing Services


Our Mission is to produce the highest quality products, on time, every time. 

NMS is a recognized cGMP leader in contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals.  We develop, manufacture and package a wide range of options for your dietary supplement needs.

We differentiate ourselves from other manufactures in many ways. Quality Assurance is integrated throughout every production phase as our commitment to superior quality. We promote open communication through supplier-customer partnerships with qualified vendors, strategic global networks and commitments for competitive pricing on raw materials. This openness allows our customers to be first to market with innovative ingredients and firsthand knowledge of current data such as clinical studies and market trends.

  • We have 20+ years in manufacturing custom supplement formulations 
  • cGMP certified by NSF (audit every six months)
  • FDA audited 
  • Our team of experts are qualified and experienced
  • New equipment allowing the most current technology, efficiencies, quality and speed
  • Quality Assurance throughout operations
  • Manufacturing flexibility catering to both large and small volume production
  • High-speed, fully automated packaging lines
  • Training program
  • Document Control
  • Pilot Runs

Manufacturing Capabilities


We manufacture two piece gelatin and vegetable capsules on our state of the art Bosch machinery in sizes 3, 1, O, OO and Elongated OO.  We perform polishing, inspection, and metal detection on every batch.  Our high end machinery in combination with certified operators is essential to creating a flawless capsule without dimples, tucks, splits or uneven fill weights.  Consistency is key to product success as variations can be grounds for alarm and result in customer dissatisfaction. We take measures to prevent variations throughout every step of the capsule manufacturing process, starting with raw material identity and purity. Our finished capsules are again tested to confirm they are consistent in both laboratory test results and visual appearance.


We offer many stock shapes and sizes for tablets as well as formulation options.  We design time-released, fast release, and flavored chewable tablet formulas.  We offer color coating, clear coating and enteric coating options.  To make a quality tablet, experience, equipment and a well-designed formulation is critical.  Tablets are routinely tested for physical specifications of disintegration, friability, and hardness prior to packaging.

Powder fill

We offer many options when it comes to powder fill.  We can provide bulk blends, pre-blends, sealed ready to sell bags, plastic containers, or stick packets.  Our R&D staff can help create formulas that taste great for customer retention and loyalty.

Liquid fill

Our liquid filling line is capable of filling 1oz containers up to 32 oz containers.  We have many packaging options include sprays and droppers.  We have innovative formulas available for private label or we can create a custom formula designed specifically for you.

Our Facilitates

Our facilities are designed for optimal control and to prevent any cross contamination.  We have dust collection, positive and negative airflow in production rooms and floor to ceiling cleaning procedures for each and every production room.  These measures ensure your product is produced to uncompromising standards.
Our in-house laboratory provides many services giving our customers peace of mind knowing their products where manufactured under cGMP guidelines.  Services include identity testing, purity testing, microbial screenings, and more.
Our facilities are climate controlled and monitored.  We have cold storage for sensitive ingredients such as probiotics and flavorings.  We offer storage and fulfillment services for our clients as a value added feature to serve our clients.