Superior Contract and private label manufacturer since 2004


We specialize in producing two-piece gelatin and vegetable capsules on our state-of-the- art Bosch machinery in sizes 3, 1, O, OO and Elongated OO.  Each batch undergoes thorough polishing, inspection, and metal detection to ensure the highest quality standard.  Consistency is key to product success as variations can lead to customer concerns and dissatisfaction. To prevent this, we meticulously control every aspect of the manufacturing process.


We are pioneers in the art and science of tablet production. Fast, delayed or time-released solutions for distinctive product offerings to meet specific needs. Our experienced team uses advanced equipment and leverages years of industry knowledge to craft high-quality tablets. Rigorous testing for disintegration, friability, and hardness ensures each tablet meets top industry standards for consistent, reliable performance.

Powder Fill

We offer many options when it comes to powder fill.  We can provide bulk blends, pre-blends, sealed ready to sell bags, plastic containers, or stick packets.  Our R&D staff can help create formulas that taste great for customer retention and loyalty.

Liquid Fill

Providing liquid solutions for easy consumption and absorption, our cold fill liquid filling line is capable of filling containers from 1oz to 32 oz containers.  We offer a variety of packaging options include sprays and droppers.  Our private label formulas not only provide immediate access to shelf life studies but also feature low minimums, making it easier for you to bring products to market quickly and efficiently.


Our clients can choose from a vast array of packaging services including a variety of plastic bottles, biodegradable bottles, glass, sachets, blister cards, and abilities to package softgels, gummies and more.

Packets and Blister Cards

We have a selection of tooling available for blister cards and sachet packets which are convenient for travel, product samples, promotions and multi-formula combinations. With the capability to include up to 8 different formulas in one packet, we provide versatile and convenient packaging solutions to meet diverse needs.