We manufacture two piece gelatin and vegetable capsules on our state of the art Bosch machinery in sizes 3, 1, O, OO and Elongated OO.  We perform polishing, inspection, and metal detection on every batch.  Our high end machinery in combination with certified operators is essential to creating a flawless capsule without dimples, tucks, splits or uneven fill weights.  Consistency is key to product success as variations can be grounds for alarm and result in customer dissatisfaction. We take measures to prevent variations throughout every step of the capsule manufacturing process, starting with raw material identity and purity. Our finished capsules are again tested to confirm they are consistent in both laboratory test results and visual appearance.


We offer many stock shapes and sizes for tablets as well as formulation options.  We design time-released, fast release, and flavored chewable tablet formulas.  We offer color coating, clear coating and enteric coating options.  To make a quality tablet, experience, equipment and a well-designed formulation is critical.  Tablets are routinely tested for physical specifications of disintegration, friability, and hardness prior to packaging.

Powder fill

We offer many options when it comes to powder fill.  We can provide bulk blends, pre-blends, sealed ready to sell bags, plastic containers, or stick packets.  Our R&D staff can help create formulas that taste great for customer retention and loyalty.

Liquid fill

Our liquid filling line is capable of filling 1oz containers up to 32 oz containers.  We have many packaging options include sprays and droppers.  We have innovative formulas available for private label or we can create a custom formula designed specifically for you.

Lotions and Creams

We have a selection of cream and lotion formulas for private label available at low minimums and available in MegaPump packaging or custom packaging.


We offer a selection of private label effervescent formulas packaged in convenient tube containers with a built-in desiccant to ensure shelf stability.


Our packaging lines are high speed and fully automated.  We package in environment friendly recyclable PET containers, HDPE, or other plastic choices and glass.

Packets & Blister Cards

We have a selection of tooling available for unique blister cards which are convenient for travel.